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Chick here for the recent Episcopal News Service video about the American Cathedral in Paris.

Welcome Back!

It's Rentrée, re-entry.  It's also a new beginning.

September has always seemed to offer a new beginning, going back to school days. 

New pencils, new books, new notebooks, new teachers.  September was always when I made resolutions: this year I will keep up with my homework, this year I will have my notes in order, this year I will get more involved with ------ (whatever it was).

It's still not a bad idea.  I hope that this year you will get involved or more involved here at the Cathedral: worship with us, volunteer, sing, give, learn, grow, rejoice.  We need each other.

Theologically speaking, however, ANY time is a good time for coming back to the One who loves us, and for new beginnings.  That's good news indeed.  Come today.

God never says you should have come yesterday;
God never says you must come again tomorrow;
but today, if you will hear God's voice,
today God will hear you -
(John Donne)

                                                        Dean Laird